Brad Marchand embarrassed to reveal his favorite hockey team.

Brad Marchand embarrassed to reveal his favorite hockey team.

Brad Marchand makes an uncomfortable confession about which NHL team he cheered for as a young man.

Jonathan Larivee

This has to be one of the most uncomfortable moments of Brad Marchand's National Hockey League career.

For years Marchand and his Boston Bruins have been a thorn in the side of the Toronto Maple Leafs when it comes to the Stanley Cup playoffs, resulting in quite a fierce rivalry developing over the years between the two squads. For Marchand however it must be something of a bittersweet role to play given who he cheered for as a young Canadian hockey fan growing up in Nova Scotia.

Many hockey fans living on the East Coast of Canada grew up cheering for either the Toronto Maple Leafs or the Montreal Canadiens, due to the fact that there is no NHL team in close proximity as well as due to the availability of the games on television at the time. Marchand was one such young man and when he was recently asked what team he had cheered for growing up, Marchand had to grit his teeth and give an uncomfortable answer.

"Hi I'm Brad Marchand," said Marchand with plenty of enthusiasm. "My favorite team growing up was the Toronto Maple Leafs," added Marchand lowering both his voice and his head as he made the confession.

It's obvious that the notorious Bruins agitator was more than a little embarrassed to admit it, something that made the clip all that much better. You can check it out just below: