Brad Marchand fires back at critics of his partying.

Marchand is having none of it.

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The Boston Bruins were recorded holding a postseason celebration following their loss in Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Final and some have been quick to criticize the Bruins for celebrating what was by all accounts a very successful season.

Barstool Sports were quick to label the move a "BAD look" likely believing that the last thing the Bruins should be doing is having a good time following a devastating loss in a Game 7 situation. That being said there is something to be said for not dwelling on a terrible situation or a terrible feeling, and if the members of the Bruins organization were able to dampen the sting of that loss a little by celebrating their season, then more power to them.

The video clip of that evening that is getting the most attention of course is the one featuring Bruins star forward Brad Marchand. I can't blame anyone that finds themselves fascinated by this clip, the emotional contrast to him crying on the bench is staggering and the goggles he is sporting have already spawned a wave of memes online that will no doubt be in circulation for as long as Marchand remains a relevant figure in the National Hockey League.

To his credit though Marchand had the perfect response for any of the fans out there giving him fried for his post loss celebration. Marchand took to social media and respond to the Spittin Chiclets podcast, who had shared the video, with a simple and beautiful response. 

"Sorry for bringing it," wrote Marchand.

The beauty of this response of course is that while saying sorry Marchand clearly remains as unapologetic as he has been through the entirety of his career in the National Hockey League, something that will no doubt only manage to make his critics even angrier.