Brad Marchand gets in second altercation at Bruins’ practice!

Marchy is feisty today…


Just minutes ago, we shared the reports that Boston Bruins forward Brad Marchand was getting into trouble at his own team training camp.

On Friday morning, according to many Bruins insiders attending practice on Friday, Marchand almost fought with teammate Chris Wagner near the benches. As many mentioned, Marchand, who was running through line rushes with Bergeron for today’s scrimmage game, was mixing it up with Wagner by the benches with his helmet popped off after the Black Team scored. 

One insider, Joe Haggerty of Boston Hockey Now, mentioned that a lot was going on out there. 

Moments later, it was insider Conor Ryan’s turn to report that Marchand was getting into his second altercation of the day. 

“Marchand is feisty during today’s scrimmage. He gets into another shoving match after the whistle and then flexes before eventually returning to the bench.”

It sure sounds like Marchand got up on the wrong side of the bed on Friday. Or maybe, he needs to get back to his old ways after spending so much time in his home with his loving family. 

Marchand is part of the White Team in today's scrimmage: 

We are sure most Bruins fans will love to see this. 

We expect the Bruins will attempt to explain this altercation later on today. We will keep you posted. 

This is a picture of Marchand during today's scrimmage, per Conor Ryan. He sure looks like he's enjoying this.