Brad Marchand has a word with Sam Bennett in handshake line

Brad Marchand has a word with Sam Bennett in handshake line

Right after the Bruins’ elimination:

Chris Gosselin

The Boston Bruins worked hard in order to force a Game 7 in the second round series against the Florida Panthers, however, they fell to elimination on Friday night in Game 6.

Captain Brad Marchand was back in the Bruins’ lineup after missing two games with an upper-body injury. He has stated on Thursday how he thought Sam Bennett got away with one on a hit that injured him in Game 3 but how he would have done the same to the Panthers’ forward since in the postseason, “everyone on the ice is attempting to hurt everyone else on the ice.”

Marchand was injured during the first period of Game 3 when he suffered a hit to the head from Bennett, but no call was made on the play.

On Friday when the Panthers won 2-1 and eliminated the Bruins in Game 6, everyone was awaiting the moment in which both Marchand and Bennett would come face to face in the handshake line.

When they did, Bennett spoke with Marchand and took the time to stop the line in order to say what he had to say. There seemed to be no animosity as we can almost read on Marchand’s lips “don’t worry about it” and the handshake ended with the Bruins’ captain tapping on Bennett in a sign of putting all of this in the past.

The scene is now set for the Eastern conference Final. It will be between the Panthers and the Rangers, with Game 1 kicking off on Wednesday night in New York City. 

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