Brad Marchand issues apology to the fans and his team following suspension.


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Brad Marchand is sorry for what he did.

The Boston Bruins' forward was hit with a three game suspension by the NHL on Wednesday for a low hit he delivered against the Ottawa Senators on Tuesday night.

The resulting discipline will keep Marchand out of Friday's Winter Classic meeting with the Montreal Canadiens. For his part, he knows he let down his team and the fans watching at home.

"I just want to acknowledge the situation that I've put my team in for being undisciplined and affecting the game for them, taking away from the excitement to the fans being a part of this rivalry, and taking that away from them, and then also for affecting this game for myself and putting myself in a situation to not be part of this," Marchand told reportersWednesday.

"I wanted to apologize and I truly am sorry to everyone about, again, the situation and it was not my intent to make a hit or try and injure anyone on that play."

Marchand was allowed to to practice with the team and he took full advantage of the opportunity on Thursday.

His dedication was met with praise from the Bruins' GM Don Sweeney.

"I think it speaks a lot for Brad to want to be out in front of this today," Sweeney said. "He knows the impact that it's had on the team, short of the game itself, and the fans and he asked us if he could sort of address it in front of his teammates going out for practice and getting ready for this game and I think it speaks - to answer the question - (to) the maturity. It says a lot to where Brad is and the impact he has on our lineup.

"I think we can leave it at that. We respect Player Safety's decision on the play; it's unfortunate for Brad and our team and our fans but we'll leave it at that."

It certainly won't be a Habs-Bruins game without Marchand in the lineup.

Images Courtesy of Keystone Press