Brad Marchand makes Sidney Crosby bleed.

A rough night for Crosby thanks to the notorious Bruin.

Brad Marchand makes Sidney Crosby bleed.

It was a rough stretch of the game for Pittsburgh Penguins captain Sidney Crosby.

Crosby and the Pens were taking on the Boston Bruins on Wednesday night when he had an unfortunate series of back to back incidents that left his mouth a little worse for wear.

Both incidents were caused by notorious Bruins pest Brand Marchand, who first fired a shot that went off of Crosby's stick and caught him right in the face, resulting in a stoppage of play. Once play resumed it wasn't long before Marchand was challenging Crosby again and this time it appeared he hit him with a high stick, although from the camera angle on the play it's hard to tell if he did in fact make contact.

The referee certainly felt the play warranted a penalty.