Brad Marchand mocks himself on social media after a terrible week on the ice.

Marchand making it hard to hate him.

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Call me crazy but it feels an awful lot like Boston Bruins forward Brad Marchand has made it something of a mission to become a more likeable figure in the National Hockey League, at least when it comes to his antics off the ice. It may merely be a matter of my own personal perception or perhaps a result of Marchand now having been a father for some time, but something definitely feels different about the notorious Bruins agitator. 

For lack of a better way to describe the change in his demeanor, Marchand simply seems to be having a lot more fun with his NHL career as of late and he once again was in the headlines this week, albeit for all the wrong reasons. Marchand made the highlight reel on just about every sports broadcast across North America this week after what will likely go down as the worst attempt at scoring in the history of the shootout. The Bruins were facing off against the Philadelphia Flyers and the game was on the line in the shootout when Marchand pulled off one of the biggest fails in the history of the shootout, perhaps even the biggest of all time. 

There really is no sugar coating that one, it was a catastrophic failure on the part of Marchand and it may be one that cost his team the game in the end. It was an incredibly uncharacteristic moment from a player who normally has very good puck control, and it may have been a moment that rattled the Bruins agitator a little as well. I of course have no idea what really goes on inside the head of Brad Marchand, but it was not long after that disaster in the shootout that he once again was making another major mistake. 

This time around Marchand found himself alone on the breakaway, but instead of making the best of his opportunity he once again failed to deliver in the clutch. Again it was Marchand's hands that failed him when he again failed to maintain control of the puck. The end result was Marchand once again failing to get so much as an attempted scoring chance out of the breakaway, and apparently that was enough for him to poke a little fun at his expense. 

As a result of his bad stretch of form, Marchand has now posted a lost and found add on his social media: