Brad Marchand reveals the best chirp he's ever received.

Even Brad Marchand had to admit this was good.

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Boston Bruins forward Brad Marchand is one of the most notorious pests in the National Hockey League, so usually when you're talking about Brad Marchand and chirping it's the Bruins doing the talking. 

However on Friday Marchand suddenly decided to share with his fans the best chirp he has ever been on the receiving end of, and it came from none other than veteran defenseman Erik Cole.

"Best chirp I ever got was from Eric Cole. Lined up at the face off and Asked me how the hot dogs smelled. Had a good chuckle at that one."

For those of you who don't get it, this appears to be a shot at Marchand regarding his rather prominent nose, suggesting that he would be able to smell how the hot dogs smell even at ice level. 

Well done Erik Cole.