Brad Marchand rips one teammate during exit interview following Bruins’ elimination

After blaming himself of Boston’s eliminated, Marchand then focused on the rest of the team:



Forward Brad Marchand was pretty hard on himself after the Boston Bruins’ elimination in Game 7 of the first round series against the Florida Panthers. Marchand strongly believes the team should have never let it go to a do-or-die seventh contest, adding that he should have scored on the breakaway for a potential series-winning goal during Game 5.

Despite his harsh analysis on his own play, Marchand still found a little bit of humor in the aftermath and had some laughs at his teammates expense.

Especially Tyler Bertuzzi.

When asked about whether or not trade deadline acquisitions Dmitry Orlov, Tyler Bertuzzi and Garnet Hathaway would be welcome additions to Boston if the Bruins are able to sign them to new contracts, Marchand couldn’t help but rip Bertuzzi, who was acquired from the Detroit Red Wings a day before the deadline.

“Yeah, obviously, we’d love for all of them to stay except for Bert,” Marchand said with a laugh. “No, we’d love for everybody to stay. They’re all incredible guys. Off the ice as well as players on the ice. They gelled with our group right away, and we all got along really well with all three of them.”

Earlier in the season after the acquisitions of the three players, Marchand was caught in an episode of “ Behind the B ” that everyone he hated in the NHL was now on his team.

“I still hate those guys,” Marchand said with a chuckle. “No, yeah, I’m sure there are some guys that I could find if I really thought about it, but you know I’m trying to love everybody now. It’s frustrating. I don’t like playing with guys that I hated because now I love them, and we get along great off the ice.”

Marchand can’t do nothing more than wait and see what will happen to Bertuzzi and the other free agents as the offseason is already underway for the Bruins. To everyone’s surprise.

The gritty forward now focuses on training to get stronger and healthier for next year.

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