Brad Marchand rips the Habs and Red Wings during media scrum.


Brad Marchand rips the Habs and Red Wings during media scrum.

The Boston Bruins were already the most hated National Hockey League franchise in the city of Montreal, but that hatred may have grown on Saturday when Boston Bruins forward Brad Marchand compared the Canadiens to the worst team in the entire league, the Detroit Red Wings. 

Marchand and the Bruins were fresh off of a loss to the aforementioned Red Wings but not due to a lack of effort on the part of the notorious Bruins agitator. In fact during the game Marchand orchestrated what can only be described as a truly beautiful play when he set up the NHL's leading scorer, Bruins teammate David Pastrnak, for a relatively easy goal after Marchand dangled through the Red Wings defense. If you happened to miss the play, Marchand danced around Andreas Athanasiou before cutting towards the net, only to then feed Pastrnak who was waiting off to the side and made no mistake in pocketing his 42 goal of the 2019 - 2020 NHL regular season. Here is a video replay for those of you who did not get the chance to see it:

It was the second highlight reel assist for Marchand in as many games, the first of which came against the aforementioned Montreal Canadiens. The Bruins agitator once again undressed the opposition before setting up teammate David Pastrnak for yet another goal. 

Marchand was asked about his recent performances but was quick to downplay his own skill level, choosing instead to bury his opposition by suggesting that it was their lack of talent that made things like that possible. Although the Red Wings are unquestionably the worst team in the NHL, the Habs would like take objection to being compared to that team in spite of the fact that they currently sit 10 points out of playoff contention at this stage of the season, but that is exactly what Marchand did when describing the two teams as "bottom teams."

"They tend to be against bottom teams. You don't really do that against top teams," said Marchand.

That likely won't go over well with Canadiens fans but considering the level of hatred for Marchand in that city already I don't think he really minds adding fuel to the fire. In fact I have a sneaking suspicion that this may have been exactly what Marchand planned to do when making the comments.