Brad Marchand robbed of a goal by the NHL officials!

Marchand gets robbed.

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The Boston Bruins were furious about this call and I can hardly blame them.

On Sunday night the Bruins were facing a very tough opponent in the form of the Buffalo Sabres and the last thing they needed was the National Hockey League's officials giving them a hard time. Not only have the Sabres surged into becoming a competitive team this season but they are also a division rival of the Bruins making this game all the more important as far as the standings are concerned.

Unfortunately for the Bruins they were absolutely robbed by the NHL's officials on Sunday night and it was not some minor call either. The Bruins found themselves with an all important scoring chance on the Sabres and it was a big one considering the Bruins had struggled to find an answer to Sabres goaltender Linus Ullmark. Ullmark however was unable to get a firm grip on the puck this time around and as both Sabres' and Bruins' players crashed the net in an attempt to get at the puck it finally managed to sneak past him.

It was none other than notorious Bruins agitator Brad Marchand who had found the loose puck and fired a shot around Ullmark's sprawling body to score, however the goal was quickly waved off. As Marchand put the puck in the back of the net, and perhaps even a bit after the puck had already crossed the goal line, the official on the ice blew his whistle. The puck of course had remained loose the entire time and at no point had it been in any position that would have warranted a stoppage in play, making this a rather poor call on the part of the official who deemed it necessary to blow the whistle. 

Perhaps the worst part of this ordeal for the Bruins however was the review of the play itself, a decision that has honestly left me baffled. If the call on the ice was indeed that the official had intended to blow the play dead then there is no review possible, but in spite of that it went up to the booth for what seemed like several minutes. After waiting patiently to see if the right call would be made, the officials came back and simply said the play was not eligible for a review . 

Very frustrating for the Bruins to be sure.