Brad Marchand says he's “too tired” to play the role of NHL’s biggest pest anymore

“You’ve got to evolve with the game,” says Marchand.


Poll 100 hockey fans on who they think is the biggest pest in the NHL and you’ll likely only get one response: Brad Marchand.

Given his reputation though, the Boston Bruins star has had a pretty nondescript campaign in 2018-19. His only real transgression this season came in the preseason when he rag dolled Washington Capitals forward Lars Eller during a 7-0 Capitals blow out. Since then, Marchand has been on his best behavior and, as it turns out, there’s a reason for it… he’s tired.

Marchand told reporters this morning that he’s “toned down a lot this year” and that he’s “too tired” to keep up his on-ice antics. Marchand goes on to say that the “refs are pretty tight on that stuff now” and that he doesn’t want to put his team at a disadvantage.

“You’ve got to evolve with the game, the way that it changes and the last couple years it’s changed drastically,” Marchand explained. “Those split second decisions where you could step out of line… you just have to follow the rules.”

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