Brad Treliving addresses Mitch Marner's future with Leafs

What does the future hold in store for the Leafs forward?

Michael W.

The future of Toronto Maple Leafs forward Mitch Marner remains up in the air heading into the start of free agency on Monday. He has one year remaining on his current contract, and there have been questions raised about whether or not general manager Brad Treliving will want to keep him around long term after another disappointing postseason. 

In the meantime, Treliving doesn't plan on speculating on any of the rumors that have been swirling in the wake of Toronto's exit at the hands of the Boston Bruins from the playoffs earlier this spring.

"I'm not going to speculate on anything," Treliving said. "We said it at the end of the year that, you know, we weren't happy with how the year ended. That's not (on) Mitch. You know, the focus isn't on Mitch. As an organization, as a team, we felt we should have gone further than we did." 

He continued: 

"What I can't do is every time that there's — nothing personal against your guys' side of the business — but sometimes there are reports out there and there are rumors and especially this time of year. I get it. It's people are it's news, right? We can't react to all the noise, right? You can't" Treliving said. "Other than that, Mitch knows what I feel about him as a player and you know, in this line of work that we're in."

Regardless of what transpires, this summer will prove critical not only to Treliving but for the Leafs as a whole.

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