Brad Treliving discloses plans for Auston Matthews and William Nylander

Will they be able to stick around?



Fans of the Toronto Maple Leafs are waiting with baited breath on what kinds of changes that new general manager Brad Treliving will be instituting for the team that he took over from the recently terminated Kyle Dubas. 

Based on comments that he made, it sounds as though the “Core 4” of John Tavares, William  Nylander, Auston Matthews, and Mitch Marner are all going to be staying put, at least for now. Treliving reiterated his desire during his introductory presser to sign Matthews as soon as possible, while not much has been said with regards to Nylander's specific future with the team.

That changed earlier today, as Treliving said that he is expecting to sign both Matthews and Nylander "until proven otherwise".

Both Matthews and Nylander are entering the final years of their respective contracts. 

Now, does their impending hypothetical deals mean that the future of Tavares or Marner with the Leafs could be threatened? After all, we're living in the salary cap era of the NHL. 

Source: Twitter