Brad Treliving reveals true emotions over taking Leafs job

It hit him when he walked into the building.



The Toronto Maple Leafs have themselves their 28th general manager in franchise history with today's official introduction of Brad Treliving, who previously served in the same capacity of the Calgary Flames from 2014 through the end of this season. 

Taking over an Original 6 team certainly can feel like a daunting task, especially given the fact that they're still chasing their first championship since 1967. But as anyone in Treliving's position would, the significance of the history and passion of the franchise that you're taking over makes an immediate impact. 

Treliving admitted as much during this morning's press conference.

"One hundred percent," he explained about the job having a big-time feel to it. "This is no disrespect to anywhere at all. But [O’Dog] knows it as a player. If you go from Carolina to here, there is no disrespect, but…

"Going in there today and walking through the room, you see the logo, you look up, and you see the pictures. It hits you. I am usually a guy — and my wife will confirm this — who is not considered a really emotional guy with things like this, but this one hit me. You think of people today. Today, I think of the late great Pat Quinn and the people that came before. You see that logo. You see the pictures on the wall, the people that have come, and the history. It hits you."

"It hits different than anywhere else. It is real. It is exciting today."

Treliving takes over a team that is led by the "Core 4" who were able to deliver Toronto's first postseason series victory in 19 years, bringing a brief period of elation for the city and their fans until it came screeching to a half at the hands of the Florida Panthers in Round 2. But he's up for the challenge. 

"I was excited when Shanny phoned," he said. "All of these jobs are a privilege. It is a privilege to work in the game and in the league. But there are some that are different, and this is the Leafs."

"You guys hear that a lot here, but when you come from the outside to this market, whether it is to play or scout, it is just something different. The opportunity and the responsibility, I am well aware of. I was excited to get back on the horse quickly."