Braden Holtby stuck at the Canadian border with his turtles

Umm... what?! The bizarre story of the Holtby's and their tortoise family.

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Yesterday Brandi Holtby, wife of recently signed Vancouver Canucks goaltender Braden Holtby, issued a plea on Twitter for anyone with some pull at the Federal Fish and Wildlife Bureau to push some paper so that Braden and the family's two turtles, Honey and Maple, could be allowed entry into Canada at the border.

“Hey Twitter, does anyone have any sweet connections with Federal Fish and Wildlife that could push some export papers along in order to get two happy tortoises across the border? We miss our boys!” Brandi tweeted along with some turtle and flag emojis.

Check it out:

Because the request was so random and bizarre, Brandi clarified that the couple neglected to get export papers for the turtles and, as a result, Braden was stuck at the border with Honey and Maple.

Check it out:

I can picture it in my mind. Braden sitting at the Peace Arch border crossing between Washington State and B.C. with two turtles under his arms and a "Justice for Maple and Honey" banner above him. LOL

Brandi reports this morning that Braden and the turtles are still waiting on the paperwork, but that everything seems to be moving ahead... at a turtle's pace.