Brady Tkachuk gets called for tripping and his brother can't stop laughing.

Sibling rivalry at its finest.


There's nothing quite like a good sibling rivalry and fortunately for hockey fans we get to witness one at the highest level of our sport. 

On Saturday afternoon the Calgary Flames took on the Ottawa Senators in what was another ugly game for the Senators this season. It's hard not to feel bad for their young players who are admittedly stuck on a very underwhelming roster, and you could see that the frustration of losing in such a lopsided fashion was really getting to some of them.

Among those was Ottawa Senators forward Brady Tkachuk who, despite a deficit that wasn't going to be overcome, was grinding down to the wire in an attempt to get his team back into the game. Unfortunately for Brady his effort in the closing moments of the game would eventually lead to an unfortunate offensive zone penalty, one in which he tripped up Flames captain Mark Giordano while clearly attempting to make a play on the puck. 

Giordano was milking it for all it was worth, which in my estimation was an attempt on his part to have a little fun at Brady's expense, but the younger of the Tkachuk brothers was not at all amused. It is perhaps for this reason that his older brother, Calgary Flames forward Matthew Tkachuk, seemed unable to control his laughter on the bench as his brother headed to the box to serve out the two minute minor. 

I think part of Matthew might have actually felt bad here as he covered his face in an attempt to mask his laughter, but when the camera finally showed him on the bench it was clear he could no longer contain himself.