Brady Tkachuk in Edmonton Game 4, predicts Panthers win.

Brady Tkachuk in Edmonton Game 4, predicts Panthers win.

Brady Tkachuk is in town to support his brother, Florida Panthers forward Matthew Tkachuk.

Jonathan Larivee

There has been a great deal made about the competitive advantage of being in a no tax state when it comes to the Florida Panthers in these Stanley Cup playoffs, but what about the competitive advantage of having a brother in the National Hockey League? What about a brother that is quite literally the captain of another franchise?

That is an advantage that very few players ever could boast but on that list is none other than Florida Panthers forward Matthew Tkachuk, who it appears has been using younger brother Brady Tkachuk to his advantage throughout these Stanley Cup playoffs.

Brady is in attendance for what will be Game 4 of the Stanley Cup Final tonight in Edmonton, and he was interviewed prior to the game and revealed that he has been in regular communication with his brother.

"After every game I'm texting him and we have a full debrief after each game and right before the next one so it's made me feel involved... I'm lucky that he comes to me for that type of support," admitted Brady Tkachuk.

It sounds like Brady is confident that his brother and the Panthers will get the job done and close out the series against the Oilers tonight.

"I told him yesterday I was traveling a long day... this is the last hockey game I'm watching this year," said Brady Tkachuk with a laugh.

"We'll have to wait and see but I have all my faith and belief in him, and I think it's his time tonight."