Brandon Montour says Bruins fans wanted “to kill us”

Talk about exposing a wild fan base!

Michael W.

Now-former Florida Panthers defenseman Brandon Montour is still basking in the glow of having recently won the Stanley Cup for the first time just over a month ago and the subsequent wild South Beach parties that followed. 

He's since moved on from the Panthers, agreeing to a hefty free-agent contract with the Seattle Kraken. However, the memories of what he and his Panthers teammates accomplished will last a lifetime. Florida advanced two straight years to the Stanley Cup Final, getting the job done the second time around after dropping their first chance at hockey's ultimate glory in 2023 to the Vegas Golden Knights.

But both seasons required a path through the Boston Bruins, where the animosity toward the visiting Panthers was palpable. According to Montour, it was a wild ride when he and his teammates were in Boston to take on the Bruins.

“(The Panthers) have played the toughest arenas the last two years,” Montour told the “Missin Curfew” podcast. “You go down the list from Boston, how crazy it is there. We were walking or we’re driving to the games and all the fans are outside flipping us off, telling us to (explicit) off.”

“You go back to Boston for a repeat, they want to kill us,” Montour said. 

As it turns out, the Panthers will open their Stanley Cup defense with a banner raising ceremony at Amerant Bank Arena on October 8 against the visiting Bruins, and they'll face one another soon afterward at TD Garden on October 14. 

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Source: NESN