Brandon Prust doesn’t mince his words when it comes to Marner…

This is the perfect way to solve this if he’s right!

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Retired NHL forward Brandon Prust made a rather surprising statement via his Twitter account on Wednesday. 

The former pest believes that Toronto Maple Leafs pending free agent Mitch Marner deserves a $13 million offer sheet and nothing less! According to Prust, the Leafs will get an offer sheet bid in that exact amount for Marner and predicts that Marner will turn it down to sign a contract extension in Toronto for the same salary of teammate Auston Matthews. 

Since the beginning of the negotiations between Marner and Leafs management, it is believed that the young forward is seeking Auston Matthews money, he who agreed to a $11.6 million AAV back in February. 

Prust believes that if Marner comes across this projected $13 million offer sheet but turns it down to remain with the Leafs at a lower salary, he will be well-liked by fans and will prove to the world his real value. 

Marner has indeed committed to meet with rival clubs in the coming days. However, there is no guarantee that an offer sheet will be submitted after these meetings… 

Latest rumours revealed that Marner has turned down an eight-year extension offer from the Leafs. A hypothetical eight year deal worth $11 million per season was reportedly turned down by Marner, according to Sportsnet’s Elliotte Friedman. 

A lot can change in the next few days… Something’s got to give. And then, we will be able to say if Prust was right about the Marner saga.