Brawl between Bruins and Panthers fans caught on video!

Things were getting heated both on and off the ice!



As it usually always does during the Stanley Cup Playoffs, the animosity is rising on the ice. We've seen plenty of heated moments so far in Round 1, notably in the Tampa Bay Lightning-Toronto Maple Leafs and Boston Bruins-Florida Panthers series. 

Sunday afternoon at FLA Live Arena got absolutely crazy in the third period, with multiple on-ice confrontations, even involving goaltender Linus Ullmark and notorious pest Matthew Tkachuk.

But as it sometimes happens at professional sporting events, the animosity on the playing field between the two teams spills over into the crowd. A fan in attendance caught an altercation in the stands with what appeared to be a rather boisterous Bruins fan going at it with a group of Panthers fans: 

Another closer angle of the fight: 

This fan fight was certainly a bit more tame than some of the all-out brawls that we've seen at various sporting events over the years, but nonetheless, there certainly were more than a few people in trouble! 

The Bruins would win the game in dominating fashion, scoring six times in the 6-2 victory and giving themselves a commanding 3-1 lead over the Panthers heading back to Boston for Game 5 on Wednesday.

Source: Twitter