Brawl between NHL fans end with a scary knockout.

Brawl between NHL fans end with a scary knockout.

A brawl between a group of NHL fans ends with one man unconscious on the floor.

Jonathan Larivee

The unfortunate reality of competitive sports is that it can often lead to bad blood between opponents, and that bad blood can often go beyond the game itself and reach into the crowd.

Over the weekend we were treated to another unfortunate example of this when a group of National Hockey League fans let their emotions get the best of them, leading to a brawl during a game between the Winnipeg Jets and Anaheim Ducks.

A video has begun to circulate online that shows the group of fans brawling, the cause of the incident is not known. To be fair most of the people involved appear to be trying to seperate the men at the bottom of the pile, but unfortunately even those seemingly good intentions would turn ugly.

As two men, one wearing a Jets jersey and the other a Ducks jersey, seperate from the pile they begin to toss each other around the open area, that is until the man in the Jets jersey decides to put an end to things by tripping his adversary. Unfortunately this results in the man wearing the Ducks jersey smacking his head off the tiles on the ground with enough force that he is left unconscious on the ground.

I genuinely do not believe the Jets fan was looking to harm this individual, but rather was trying to put a stop to the fight with as little damage as possible. Unfortunately the end result turned out to be quite different.