Breaking: 24-year-old forward has demanded a trade!

He's had it with his current team.

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One young National Hockey League forward has run out of patience with his current organization.

A report from Red Wings insider Helen St. James of the Detroit Free Press has revealed that 24-year-old Detroit Red Wings forward Tomas Jurco informed his team at some point earlier in the season that he wanted to be moved.

While it's unclear when exactly when Jurco made the demand, we do know thanks to St. James that the motivation behind the demand is a lack of playing time and as a result a lack of development in Detroit. With this in mind it seems fair to assume that Jurco made the decision after seeing that he would be experiencing more of the same under head coach Jeff Blashill this season.

It's easy to understand Jurco's frustration as he's he's only been active for 11 games all season, but he had no points in any of those games and that's likely at least part of the reason Blashill has chosen to trust some of his other forwards.