Breaking: Agent for Thomas Vanek confirms major rumor.

Player agent confirms major rumor.

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There have been a number of rumors surrounding veteran free agent forward Thomas Vanek, arguably the best player still available to teams with the possible exception of Jaromir Jagr, and now his agent has confirmed one of those rumors.

According to a report from 1130 News' Rick Dhaliwal, Steve Bartlett, the agent for Vanek, has informed him that Vanek is still talking to a few teams. More importantly however Bartlett confirmed the rumor that has connected Vanek to Vancouver.

"The Canucks are still in the mix for Thomas," said Bartlett.

Vancouver was rumored to be a front-runner for the offensive minded forward, however Bartlett did not go so far as to confirm that. The mere mention of the fact that multiple teams remain in the mix however should indicate that the Canucks are by no means guaranteed to land him at this point.