BREAKING: Alex Ovechkin making a HUGE statement on Sidney Crosby!

The Czar also opened up on the incident.

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Alex Ovechkin making HUGE statement on Sidney Crosby

There will always be a rivalry between Sidney Crosby and Alex Ovechkin.

Both guys are franchise players, NHL figures and team captains. On Wednesday, Ovy met the media prior to game 4 and he made a huge statement on Sidney Crosby.

Mark Masters, TSN’s first-class reporter and leader of MasterNation reported this quote, “Ovechkin on 87: ‘He’s the best player in the game & key for their success. I think Malkin will step up big. We have to play smart v (him).”

He also added that he hopes to see Crosby back in the series and it was tough to see Sidney Crosby go down after he was hit by Matt Niskanen