Breaking: Another Canadian team asked to speak to Julien, would they have also fired their coach?

Very interesting rumors come out after Claude Julien is hired.

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The Claude Julien sweepstakes may be over but that doesn't mean the interest generated by his hiring process has diminished.

A very interesting report from Kevin Paul Dupont of the Boston Globe may now shed some light on the future of one National Hockey League coach, primarily because Dupont has revealed that his team sought permission to speak to Julien.

Dupont reported on Wednesday that unsurprisingly Las Vegas was among the teams that had requested permission to speak to the former Bruins coach, but the big news in his report was that the Vancouver Canucks also sought permission.

This obviously raises question about the future of head coach Willie Dejasrdins in that organization, a man who has been among the favorites to lose his job this season according to the Las Vegas sportsbook.

Don't expect the Canucks to officially comment on this, but on that same note, don't be surprised if Willie Desjardins isn't coaching the Canucks next season.