BREAKING : Another KHL player to join the NHL!

Pack your sh**, you're moving!

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It's an all out war between the KHL and the NHL these days. The competition between the two leagues is actually good for the fans, creating drama and competition to the crowd's benefit. 

We just learned that yet another KHL player will join the ranks of a North American team very soon. 

The 22 years old defenseman is built on a 6'2'', 176lbs frame and shows a lot of promises. He was drafted 101st in the 2015 draft by the Avalanche but stayed two more years in the KHL with the Moscow Dynamo to upgrade his game. He played 18 games in 2016-17, earning a feeble 4 points in the regular season and 3 points in 9 games in the playoffs. 

Obviously, Mironov won't be an instant game changer for the Avalanche. However, he shows great promises and could develop as a dependable, stay-at-home type of defenseman. Adding a few pounds of muscle to his frame is certainly a priority.