Breaking: Artemi Panarin leaves the ice, unable to put weight on his leg.

Oh boy this is bad.

Breaking: Artemi Panarin leaves the ice, unable to put weight on his leg.

We may have a potential catastrophe in Columbus.

The Columbus Blue Jackets are taking on the St. Louis Blues on Saturday night and not only are the Blue Jackets in the process of losing to a team that they likely believe they should be beating, but they may have suffered a much more significant loss as well. As many of you will know there have been loud and persistent rumors indicating that the Columbus Blue Jackets and two of their top stars, forward Artemi Panarin and star goaltender Sergei Bobrovsky, are headed straight for an ugly break up and that one or both of those players could end up traded before the NHL trade deadline.

Well tonight's development may have put a major damper in one of those possibilities and unfortunately for the Blue Jackets it's the possibility that likely would have netted them the biggest return. During the game this evening Blue Jackets star forward Artemi Panarin appeared to suffer an injury while not a whole lot seemed to be going on around him, although I must admit I am still scouring for a better replay of the incident before passing judgement. What we do know for certain however is that he left the ice with a noticeable limp, and according to one insider it was even worse than that. 

The Athletic's Aaron Portzline, arguably the best reporter in the business when it comes to all things Blue Jackets, is reporting that Panarin was unable to put any weight on his right leg at all as he left the ice. These type of injuries, especially when they appear to take place away from any type of contact, are often of a serious variety and we are waiting for some additional details regarding Panarin's status. 

Update: According to Portzline Panarin is currently being treated by one of the Blue Jackets training staff. From Portzline:

Columbu Blue Jackets trainer Mike Vogt leaning in for a conversation with Panarin, who’s in discomfort on the bench.

Stay tuned for more updates on the status of Panarin as they come. Obviously if this turns out to be a serious injury it could seriously hurt the Blue Jackets as they would lose Panarin for effectively nothing.

Update: After spending a few minutes on the bench Panarin is back out on the ice, it seems he may have been playing it up a little.