Breaking: Artist claims NHL team stole his design and he has proof.

A bad look for one NHL team.

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A National Hockey League team has been accused of stealing the work of an artist without crediting him.

An artist by the name of Mike Higgins claims he was contacted by someone from the Florida Panthers through social media for the purpose of commissioning work from him. Here's the full story in Mike's own words in a Facebook post:

Details: I was contacted by someone from the Panthers over Twitter a while back saying he liked my mascot series on DeviantArt and wanted to commission me to do some work for the Panthers. I was psyched to do something for an NHL team, so we talked for a while, but when I got to outlining my rates, he cut things off and said they were "going a different direction." Today, a month and a half later someone on Twitter pointed this out to me: 

They took my Panthers image from DeviantArt, cut it into pieces, repositioned the pieces and painted a new jersey over it. Check the head, the right hand, the tail in particular.

I've had my artwork ripped off (and butchered) by a big company. I think that means I've finally made it as an artist.

Higgins has backed up this claim by posting a side by side of what he claims is his original design and the design that was eventually used by the Panthers for their promotion. Again if what Higgins is saying is true, there is no doubt that these two designs are shockingly similar.

It's important to note that this is currently just one side of the story.