Breaking: Backup goaltender calls out his team in a major way.

Backup goalie calls out his team.

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A very angry and very frustrated backup goaltender has just let his team know that he is not happy with the way they are playing in front of him.

On Tuesday night the Washington Capitals suffered yet another loss with goaltender Philipp Grubauer between the pipes and considering that they have provided him with just 4 goals in 4 games to work with that comes as little surprise. 

"I'm sick of f---ing losing," said Grubauer after the loss.

The Capitals have not played well at all in front of him and while as a result of that his frustration is understandable, Grubauer should also be looking in the mirror at his own performances this season.

He entered tonight's match up with 6 games played this season, 6 games in which he recorded a 3.70 goals against average and .886 save percentage. Those aren't exactly the kind of numbers you want to have when you are expressing your frustration at losing to the media. 

Furthermore those are not the kind of numbers you want to have when you are calling out some of the biggest stars in the National Hockey League, that being said however it's understandable that he's not happy with the way the Caps have played in front of him.