Breaking: Bettman makes shocking statement on Canadian team's future

Canadian hockey fans are outraged on social media...

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NHL commissioner Gary Bettman is currently in Sweden, where he will assist to the Ottawa Senators and Colorado Avalanche's game in Europe. While focusing of expanding the league and making it available for our overseas neighbours, Bettman also answered some questions on different matters during his press conference, prior to the contest. 

A lot of controversy surrounding the NHL and the city of Calgary's discussion on a potential new arena, but now the focus shifted to the Senators' new rink when Bettman made a statement to remember during the presser. 

The Senators organization has started negotiation on a new arena. It’s still unclear what the Senators will need from city hall and what the city will ask of the Sens before shovels break ground at LeBreton Flats. Bettman did not want to give an update on the current negotiations. 

Also an issue is that mayor Jim Watson started that the future of the Canadian Tire Centre (CTC) in Kanata must be considered before the Senators move to a new arena.

A lot on the table, but Bettman believes the future of the franchise is directly linked to the compLtetion of a new arena... Several Canadian hockey fans are outraged at the commissioner's position on Calgary and Ottawa, and how teams are still present in Arizona and Carolina, despite low attendance rates.

To be continued, certainly...