BREAKING : Bettman may kill the 2020 World Cup.

Uh oh...locking incoming?

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This past September, the NHL re-introduced the World Cup of Hockey after a 10+ year hiatus. The idea behind it’s rebirth was for the NHL to finally earn a profit off of international hockey, as it does not have a partnership with the IIHF or IOC for other international events. Just eight months later however, and it appears the future of the World Cup may be in jeopardy.

Originally planned for the opening of the 2020-21 NHL season, the league has announced that it will cancel the 2020 World Cup of Hockey if an agreement on the extension of the league’s CBA cannot be reached with the NHLPA. 

So, because the league and the players can’t agree on what’s fair, hockey fans will be forced to suffer. Sound familiar? First no Olympics, now potentially no World Cup. Here’s to hoping that the league and the players can come to an agreement and both the World Cup and 2020-21 season can be saved, but given Mr. Bettman’s track record, we’re not holding our breath.