BREAKING: Blachawks GM makes MAJOR announcement regarding Joel Quenneville.

It's time to address the early elimination in Chicago.

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Blachawks GM makes MAJOR announcement regarding Joel Quenneville

It’s still hard to believe, but with the 2016-17 version of the Chicago Blackhawks now dead and buried, the extensive season review of just exactly what went wrong is now underway. 

It’s locker clean-out day for the Blackhawks. 

Many were seeing the Chicago Blackhawks going for a long Stanley Cup Playoffs again this year. Things turned out totally different as they’ve been eliminated in 4 games against the brilliant defensive squad of the Nashville Predators. 

However, as Mark Lazerus stated, Bowman and Q can be as angry as they want. With their cap situation and NMCs, they can’t do a hell of a lot about it.

 Blachawks GM made a major announcement during the final press conference of the season regarding Joel Quenneville by stating:

Joel is our head coach. He will continue to be our head coach. And Joel and I will work together to make sure this never happens again.