Breaking: Blackhawks attempting to sign controversial forward!

Blackhawks looking to make a big splash.

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The Chicago Blackhawks are reportedly trying to make a move that comes with some controversy around it. 

According to a report from Chicago Blackhawks insider Scott Powers of the Athletic, a source has informed him that the Blackhawks have reached out to controversial Russian forward Danis Zaripov.

The controversy around Zaripov stems from the fact that he has received a two-year suspension from the International Ice Hockey Federation after a failed drug test reveal he had taken performance enhancing drugs.

Despite that ban, the National Hockey League has made it clear that they will welcome Zaripov should he sign with an NHL team, and it appears the Blackhawks are hoping they will be that team.

The Blackhawks may not be the only ones making a push for his services however, earlier today it was reported that Evgeni Malkin has made public comments regarding his desire to see Zaripov on the Penguins.