Breaking: Bombshell dropped by Matt Duchene's teammate on his future.

He should've kept it shut.


He Should’ve Kept It Shut

It is not easy being an underperforming third overall pick, in a team so bad it was eliminated from the playoffs very early in the year. We also heard Duchene’s name countless times in trade rumors over the past months. And even though the Avalanche is eliminated, the speculation is not over.

A few experts send him to the Rangers or the Capitals, but it does not really bother Duchene. “The future is something I am excited about. Whether I’m still a member of the Avs or not, I know what I want to accomplish, I know where I need to go in terms of my game and my development.”

On Friday evening, former teammate Mark Barberio dropped a bombshell on Matt Duchene’s future. In an interview on RDS sports network, Barberio openly stated Matt Duchene would like to leave the Colorado and the decision would also benefit the team. He feels Matt Duchene wants to leave.

He also added, according to him, Matt Duchene has way more chances to be moved than Gabriel Landeskog. He wouldn’t be surprised to see both players leave though.