Breaking: Brad Marchand could be in trouble!?

Maybe he went too far this time?

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According to NBC, Brad Marchand tweeted (and later deleted) a tweet protesting a hit he took from Montreal's Alexei Emelin during Monday night's game. "@NHL, @NHLPlayerSafety, This hit cost me 7 games and half a million dollars. Way to be consistent" - Brad Marchand.

Emelin lowered his hip and almost got Marchand straight in the knee as the Bruins' forward was dangling around the Canadiens' defenseman. In the NHL jargon, that's called clipping.

Marchand was in fact suspended 8 games (just to make things worse) in total for "clipping an opponent". The first time he got a 5-game suspension for his low-bridge hit on Sami Salo:

More recently, he got a 3-game suspension for the same type of hit on Mark Borowiecki:

Brad Marchand comments toward the NHL Department of Player Safety could lead to a fine or some bigger repercussion.