Breaking: Brad Marchand mysteriously absent from Bruins practice this morning!

Bad sign for the Bruins.

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This is a potentially bad sign for the Boston Bruins just one day away from the kick off the 2019 Stanley Cup Final.

According to a breaking news report from Stephen Whyno of the Associated Press there is a very notable absent from the morning skate held by the Boston Bruins on Sunday morning. Whyno is reporting that although all of the other Bruins regulars are out on the ice this morning, notorious Boston Bruins agitator Brad Marchand is conspicuous by his absence on the ice. This would be a bad sign all on its own however there is another reason to believe that this might actually be a big deal for the Boston Bruins.

Many fans may not be aware of this but on Thursday night the Boston Bruins held a scrimmage came with players from within their own roster in order to stay sharp during the long layoff that they had between the Stanley Cup Final and the Eastern Conference Final in which they swept the Carolina Hurricanes in just 4 games. It was during that scrimmage game on Thursday that Marchand appeared to suffer an injury to one of his hands, an injury that would cause him to leave the ice as a result of the pain. Now I will be honest I did not give it too much credence at the time because Marchand would immediately come back out onto the ice and did not seem to miss a beat while playing with his teammates. 

That being said his mysterious absent from practice today could indicate that the injury he suffered to his hand during the scrimmage on Thursday could be more serious than originally believed, although that is purely speculation on my part at this time. The other side of the coin here is that this could simply be a maintenance day for Marchand one day ahead of the Stanley Cup Final where he and his Bruins will take on the St. Louis Blues, however given the timing and the fact that every other Bruin is on the ice that seems less likely to me.

Stay tuned for any updates as we will be bringing those to you as soon as they happen.