Breaking: Bruins general manager admits he is considering a big-time trade.

Straight from the Bruins GM!

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The Boston Bruins general manager has just put every other National Hockey League team on notice. 

According to a report from Kevin Paul Dupont of the Boston Globe, Bruins general manager Don Sweeney has informed the media in Buffalo New York that he is open to trading his first round draft pick at the upcoming NHL draft.

This is clearly a move designed to get the word out to rival general managers in the NHL and is a very clear indication that the Bruins feel they can get more out of trading their first round pick(18th overall) than they can by selecting a player at that position.

This has been labeled by many as a particularly weak draft class, so it will be interesting to see exactly what kind of move Sweeney is able to pull of if he does indeed manage to trade his first rounder away this summer.