Breaking: Bruins owner contradicts Boston Globe report on Pastrnak.

Comments straight from the Bruins owner.

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There was a troubling report from Kevin Paul Dupont of the Boston Globe on Wednesday that suggested the Bruins would not be willing to offer star free agent forward David Pastrnak a max-term deal, but on Thursday owner Jeremy Jacobs appeared to contradict that report. 

Dupont stated that he believed the Bruins max offer for Pastrnak would be a six year deal worth $42 million dollars, that's 6 years at an average annual value of 7 million dollars, but Jacobs doesn't seem shy about giving up more term. 

"We certainly haven't had any discussions with any other teams about trading David," said Jacobs as per "The only discussions that we've had are between David and David's agent, and frankly conveying just what I shared with you, that our intention is to sign him to a long-term deal.

"When I say long term; six or more years, that's on our radar."

This will likely be very well received by the Bruins fan base as after putting up 70 points in a single season Pastrnak has become a hugely popular player in that city.