Breaking: Byfuglien needs help to leave the game after MASSIVE hit!

That's 515 pounds of weight coming together! That collision had to have registered on the Richter Scale!

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We get it, you probably had to read the headline twice. But yes, the heaviest man in the National Hockey League, Dustin Byfuglien of the Winnipeg Jets, was left shaken up after a massive hit during the first period of the game against the Pittsburgh Penguins. 

The nasty collision took place at the blue line between Pens defenseman Jamie Oleksiak and Big Buff. Oleksiak is currently the second heaviest player in the NHL, weighing 255 pounds, just five less than Byfuglien. However it was the latter who got the worst of the massive hit. 

See the whole segment in the video above atop of this article. 

Byfuflien wasn't expecting this result as he attempted to square off Oleksiak. While both players reacted to the hit and fell to the ice, Oleksiak was able to get back up as Big Buff was left shaken up. He needed the help of teammate Ben Chiarot to hold him up and help him get over the boards. He then managed to leave the game and headed to the dressing room for evaluation. 

The Jets' big man definitely got the worse of the hit. That's 515 pounds of weight coming together! That collision had to have registered on the Richter Scale! 

Some people on social media are trying to determine if Oleksiak hit Byfuglien's chin on the hit. He could have undergone the concussion protocol after he looked quite woozy on the bench and in Chiarot's arms. 

We can't remember the last time the biggest player in the NHL was left shaken up by a hit... The Jets' blue liner finally realized how big Oleksiak really is.. 

We will keep you posted on his condition. 

UPDATE: Byfuglien has returned to the ice. He got a huge cheer from the crowd once he stepped back on the ice. He missed a total of nine minutes of action following the huge hit from Oleksiak.