Breaking: Canadian team reportedly trying to acquire Evander Kane from Buffalo.

HUGE rumor involving Evander Kane.

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There have been whispers since his legal troubles in Buffalo that the Sabres have been trying to deal Evander Kane and now have a good idea of who might be willing to make that deal.

According to comments from TSN insider Bob McKenzie during the most recent segment of Insider Trading , the Vancouver Canucks are going back to the Sabres in order to check on the availability of Kane, in an obvious effort to acquire his services.

Kane is a native of the city of Vancouver, and as a result the marketing opportunities for the Canucks would be massive should he manage to perform on their roster, making the motivations behind such a deal crystal clear as far as the Canucks are concerned. 

McKenzie did add however that this is just one of the options currently being considered by the struggling Canucks, but one has to imagine that Kane is likely at the top of that list.