BREAKING: Capitals star player makes BOLD prediction for game 5

Capitals forward not affraid to make cocky bet

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With only 2 shots on goal in the Washington Capitals pivotal game 4 loss to the Pittsburgh Penguins in the teams’ second round  Stanley Cup playoffs series, Alex Ovechkin didn’t look like much of a threat to score against the red hot Marc-Andre Fleury. Ovechkin put the blame for his team’s performance on his own shoulders saying that he “wasn’t playing his own game.”

One Capitals player thinks Ovechkin can still turn the series in favor of his team however, and made a bold prediction for game 5. “He did a lot of good things. He’s working hard like everybody, sometimes you just can’t score but he will score next game for sure. I will trust him,” were the postgame comments from sniper Evenly Kuznetsov on his captain.

Normally predicting  a goal from one of the NHL’s all-time greatest goal scorers wouldn’t be a bold statement, but with the way Ovechkin played on Wednesday evening, it may be the boldest yet of the playoffs. Whether he scores or not remains to be seen, but regardless Capitals fans have to be underwhelmed with their team’s play so far against the Penguins.