Breaking: Cody Franson has turned down several offers and made a shocking decision!

This guy clearly wants to win a Cup.

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For quite some time now we have been waiting for veteran National Hockey League defenseman Cody Franson to sign a new deal, but instead on Thursday Franson made a decision that has shocked many in the hockey world.

According to a breaking news report from New York Times contributor Dhiren Mahiban‏, Franson has not signed a contract at all and instead has agreed to a professional tryout offer with the Chicago Blackhawks.

Mahiban reports that Franson had multiple one-year offers on the table from other NHL organizations, however he has opted to reject those and instead take the PTO with Chicago.

This appears to be an indication that Franson wants both an opportunity to showcase his skills in the hopes of earning a bigger deal in the future, and furthermore that he also wants to play for a team with a chance of winning a Stanley Cup.

Nonetheless this is an incredibly surprising decision from Franson, and not one you would expect from a 30-year-old NHL defenseman.