Breaking: Conflicting reports of a deal for Canucks star Bo Horvat.

Conflicting reports regarding an important deal for the Canucks.

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The Vancouver Canucks are reportedly working on a very important contract negotiation, and now we have some very conflicting reports regarding that deal.

According to a report from TSN 1040 in Vancouver, Canucks reporter Jason Botchford informed them that he has "heard" that the Canucks have completed a deal for former first round pick Bo Horvat.

While Botchford admits that he has not had time to properly confirm the news, the information he currently has leads him to believe that the Canucks of agreed to a bridge deal with the young 20 goal scorer.

However now we have a conflicting report, and the source for this report is none other than Vancouver Canucks president Tevor Linden

"No, nothing at all to that," said Linden as per Ed Willes. "There is no bridge deal in place for Bo."

Horvat appears to be a young talent on the rise, and many believes that a long-term deal could potentially save the Canucks money in the long run, however what they are looking at moving forward is difficult to tell given these two conflicting reports.

More to come.