Breaking: Czech reporter drops a huge bombshell regarding Jaromir Jagr!

Czech source appears to know where Jagr is going.

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There has been a ton of speculation regarding the future of National Hockey League legend Jaromir Jagr this offseason, but there now seems to be a consistent note among all the rumors floating around. 

Over the course of roughly the last 48 hours there have been more and more rumors suggesting that the Calgary Flames are serious contenders for Jagr, with some going so far as to suggest that Calgary is in fact where he will be signing. 

Now we have a report from Czech reporter Zdenek Matejovsky who covers the NHL for TV Nova Sport, and he seems fairly confident in his prediction as well, and once again he points to the Calgary Flames as the likely landing spot for Jagr. 

While Matejovsky's original report was in Czech, here it is in English via the use of a translator:

"Jaromir Jagr's most likely new address in the NHL is currently Saddledome in Calgary!"

Nothing official yet but it sounds extremely likely that Jagr will become a Calgary Flame.