Breaking: Devastating update on Corey Crawford.

Sad news from the Blackhawks.

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Unfortunately the news is not good. 

On Sunday night the Blackhawks were facing off against the San Jose Sharks at the United Center in Chicago, Illinois and although the game provided the fans in attendance with an action packed first period it also provided them with an absolute panic attack. That's because during the game's very first period Blackhawks' star goaltender Corey Crawford appeared to suffer an injury to his head, something that fans in Chicago will know raises some major alarm bells when it comes to Crawford. 

The Sharks were charging the net on a scoring chance and although Crawford managed to shut the door successfully he was then absolutely run over by his own teammate, Blackhawks forward Dylan Strome. It was a major fail from Strome and it's also probably the worst possible way you could attempt to build a reputation in a new market that has nothing but love and admiration for Crawford. As Strome collided with the Blackhawks netminder he drove his body back into the net and down towards the ice, and the angle of that caused the back of Crawford's head to ring off the goal post, causing Crawford to immediately put his hands up to shield himself. 

Crawford would immediately head to the locker room following the incident and that was probably for the best given his history with head injuries. Unfortunately Crawford underwent some testing and now multiple sources have been able to confirm with members of the Blackhawks organization that Crawford has indeed suffered a concussion.

Crawford is of course coming off a gigantic 10 month absence due to a previous concussion he had suffered and when you consider the current state of the Blackhawks I would not be the least surprised if they moved to shut him down for the remainder of the season in order to protect him. That is of course only speculation on my part at this time and I do not believe that even the Blackhawks themselves are fully aware of what the next step will be here at this time. We will likely have to wait a few days for a more concrete update, but this is obviously terrible news for a star goaltender who has really struggled with head injuries.