Breaking : Disquieting development with Nolan Patrick's health.

Only a few days before the draft, this happened....!

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The draft was just a few weeks ago and already things are turning sour for the Flyers. 

We just learned Nolan Patrick underwent surgery on June 13th and will miss the team's development camp. 

His health was a good part of why Patrick was drafted second although many thought he was the most skilled of the cohort. This further development is hopefully the last straw of his prior health problem and he will be in tip top shape for years to come. 

However, one could argue this is not an ideal start for the kid in the NHL. The Flyers had to know beforehand he had to go through such surgery and hopefully it's a well calculated risk. Abdominal injuries (hernia, reportedly in his case) rarely  cause long term problems but there are always risks. 

More details will follow.