Breaking: Don Cherry hints at possible relocation for Canadian team

“I say they’re gone, and I say they go to Quebec”

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Will the Ottawa Senators be forced to relocate?

It may be the case if the team doesn't find a way to build an arena downtown, according to Don Cherry. The renowned commentator told his colleague Ron MacLean he believes that even though the Sens are arguably one of the most exciting teams at the moment, there is no way they will stay in Ottawa "if they don't put an arena downtown."

"I think they’re just hanging on here in Ottawa, not drawing out, with a great team like that.”

He went as far as predicting where the franchise will go. He even sent a message directly to NHL commissionner Gary Bettman:

"If they’re not drawing out with that team… I say they’re gone, and I say they go to Quebec. It’ll be perfect—you’ve got a French coach, you’ve got a French general manager, you’ve got a lot of French guys, they’d be perfect moved in there,” said Cherry, before turning his attention to the NHL commissioner. “Gary, that’s where they should go.”

Wow, bold statement, Don.

Do you actually believe this could happen?