Breaking: Equipment manager pleads guilty to sexually exploiting two minors in exchnage for gear.

Equipment manager uses his position to exploit to young teenagers.

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We have a truly disturbing story to report.

A 21 year old man by the name of Anthony Arvisais has been exposed of exploiting his position within a hockey team to solicit sexually explicit photos as well as fellatio from at least two underage victims. According to the Journal de Montreal, Arvisais appeared in court yesterday and plead guilty to charges of possessing sexually explicit material as well as inciting children under the age of 16 to commit sexual acts.

Arvisais served as an assistant equipment manager under his father-in-law Patrick Léonard who has long been an equipment manager for various teams in Quebec's major junior league. Both were currently under the employ of the Tigres de Victoriaville  and needless to say Arvisais was immediately terminated from his position once the Tigres learned of this transgression. There is no word on the status of Léonard's employment but if he was in no way involved and had no knowledge we sincerely hope this doesn't cost him his job.

Arvisais reportedly committed the acts during the 2015-2016 season when he was under the employ of the Armada de Blainville and according to the court offered his two victims equipment in exchnage for both the photos and well as sexual acts. The Armada was approached for comment but have thus far refused to speak on the topic, likely fearing a lawsuit will follow the criminal charges.

It's just the latest disturbing story in what has slowly become an ugly trend in the world of organized sports, and while at least in this case justice will be served, the victims will have to wait until April of 2017 to learn the nature of Arvisais' punishment for his crimes.