Breaking: Flames CEO will address team's future in Calgary.

Major announcement coming from the Flames.

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The Calgary Flames are set to make a major announcement regarding the future of their organization in the City of Calgary, something that has to be seen as a major concern for fans of that franchise. 

While we don't yet know the nature of the upcoming announcement, we do know that Flames CEO Ken King will be addressing a sold-out crowd of the local business community today, specifically on the topic of the future of the Flames in Calgary.

According to CBC news the decision for this announcement has come after both the Flames and the City of Calgary have made their proposals for a new arena public, effectively negotiating out in the open in the hope of swinging public sentiment in their favor. 

The mayor of Calgary, Naheed Nenshi, is facing an election in Octorber, and this latest announcement from the Flames may be a tactic looking to put additional pressure on him. 

More to come as the news develops today.